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Engineer • Producer • Studio Manager

Co-founder and indie music devotee

Jeremy fell in love with the guitar when he found his mother's Gretsch '65 Double Anniversary Hollow Body in the attic and learned to play it with a sheet of tablature "House of the Rising Sun" that came with his younger sibling's plastic toy guitar from Toys R Us. It took three months to play the F chord well enough, but by the end of the summer he moved on to the blues and rock. At the same time, he also began experimenting with electronics, making amplifiers from Radio Shack parts and a personal guitar amplifier with headphones, hand-build inside an old VHS cassette box — long before the days of mini-Marshalls and other types of personal, practice amplification.

Jeremy studied music composition, digital composition, and engineering in College, interning at a studio where he learned recording fundamentals, mic selection and placement, and experimented with an early beta of Protools and other systems.

After college, Jeremy built his first studio and began recording others, focusing on indie performers, such as his long-time collaborator, Monika Ryan, and other wonderful artists like Rick Sorkin, Heather Blakeslee, and Gina Kaz, to name a few. Jeremy has co-produced and released ten records, engineered and mastered six, and recorded countless sessions and singles.

In addition to producing and recording artists as well as commercial spots, Jeremy still loves music composition and writes soundtracks for promotions and industrial media. He also still enjoys playing music with his family — even "House of the Rising Sun."

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