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New Release!


In February 2023, I wrote Playfully with the intention of lifting spirits and inspiring playfulness in a world in need of joy. As someone with a playful and philosophical nature, I aimed to invite listeners to explore the concept and practice of "playing fully" — fully having fun, fully tinkering or troubleshooting, fully creating music, fully engaging with others, and approaching life with thoughtful focus and a light heart. To me, playing fully is a multi-dimensional concept that enriches our lives in countless ways.

To bring this concept to life, I enlisted the help of three consummate musicians who embody these ideals in their craft and presence. Steve Einerson on piano, Rene Hart on bass, and Alvester Garnett on drums joined me in recording an ebullient celebration of living fully and playing fully.

My hope is that this music fills listeners with joy and much-needed levity, reminding us all that life is full of opportunities for playfulness and lightness, as well as focused intention and purpose.

New Single!
Slipping Out

We've all been "there," trying to make an exit and assessing the best way to do that. Whether it's professional, personal, conversational, or metaphorical — as in needing to make or keep a boundary. The reason is irrelevant really. This is about delicately, skillfully, and politely breaking away.

First Single...
Let Me Love the Whole of You

The single, from the forthcoming album, "Playfully" is the first of a waterfall of singles to whet listeners' appetites from June 26th, unfurling every two weeks.

At its core, "Playfully" embodies its name, including musical morsels that are as much a recognition of jazz’s past as they are a fresh and modern contribution to the lexicon — "delightfully accessible and thought-provoking."

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