Resensitize: transitive verb

  • to return to sensitivity after being desensitized; also: to awaken, again

  • to embrace one's roots, after a time disconnected

  • to return to a more organic or more natural state

Resensitize: noun

  • Resensitize Records, a recording company committed to producing and disseminating thoughtful and sensitive music of a quality that attempts to reconnect the heart and the mind in organic balance.

  • MOTU 2409mkIII

  • MOTU 24io

  • Spectral dedicated audio CPU

  • Sonar

  • Logic

  • Tascam US-2400

  • Various Zoom interfaces and mixers

  • AKG C 3000 B

  • Shure Super 55

  • AKG C1000 S

  • Multiple SM57s and SM58s

  • Multiple Sennheiser e609 Silver

  • Barcus-Berry piezo transducer for upright bass with preamp

  • Samson 7Kit drum mics

  • LA 8 bass amp

  • Line6 Flextone guitar amp

  • Crate Acoustic 125D vocal and acoustic instrument amp

  • M-Audio Octane with micpre

  • Aphex 107 micpre

  • Behringer Pro8 Digital

  • Event Studio 8s

  • Sony MDR-V6 Studio Cans

  • Various Shure and AudioTechnica Personal Monitors

  • Taylor and Breedlove acoustic guitars

  • Fender Stratocaster and Jaguar electric guitars

  • SDGR electric bass

  • Roland Fantom X8

  • Pearl Session Studio drum kit